Other common reactions after reading a good review are looking for more validating reviews (19%) visiting the business location (15%), contacting the business (13%), and continuing to search for other businesses (10%).

Snapchat quickly grew to 210 million users and is especially popular with teens. Brands that target this population are seeing that it has enormous potential for influencer marketing.

It seems to work best for brands to work with influencers to tell a story on behalf of the brand in an intuitive way.

According to GlobalWebIndex, even though the use of ad blocking has advanced rapidly, its use has been relatively static for the past two years. 46% of North Americans used them in 2017 but this decreased slightly to 45% in 2019. 40% of Europeans used ad blockers each year. People in Asia-Pacific countries use them the most – 52% in 2017, falling to 50% in 2018.

According to the 2018 Reuters Digital News Report, 57% of Americans between the ages of 18 and 24 have their first contact with the news on their smartphones every day through social media. These statistics change with the age of the people, only 29% of the people of 35 years have their first encounter with the news through social networks (their main means is to go directly to the news sites).

Jay Baer often lectures on social media. This is one of your usual witty comments that you like to use regularly – and of course it’s very true when it comes to influencer marketing.

Other of Jay Baer’s outstanding quotes, which should be remembered by companies when working with micro-influencers.

The list of influencers on social media is constantly changing. He who is an influencer today, tomorrow might not be. It is important for brands to stay up-to-date with who the influencers are today. Even PewDiepie might turn out old one day.

Some brands have established enough influence online to be considered influencers themselves. For example, Red Bull has built a very active YouTube presence and currently has 5.6 million subscribers on their main channel and they also have numerous smaller niche channels.

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