Are these plans being maintained or has physical care been further reduced by the worsening of the pandemic?

– Right now the situation is the same. We are proposing to increase presence only in those health areas that meet favorable epidemiological indications requirements, according to the alert levels published by the Ministry. But it has not yet been launched.

–Those with the longest delay in the appointment ‘on line’ and at the switchboard are Valdepasillas, San Roque, Zona Centro and La Paz. But if it is something not delayed, they attend the day or the next day. No one is being allowed to have a fever for five days until the doctor calls. I also clarify that the average wait depends a lot on each doctor: on their quota and on the type of patients.

–All the procedure is done on the day or the next day. The time it consumes you can last between 7 and 27 minutes. Every case is a world. It depends on the type of patient, how he explains his symptoms, his situation … Sometimes a face-to-face appointment is even forced to see if there is pneumonia.

-If you see that yours cannot wait, you will have to report to the health center or emergency room.

–There is flexibility. Those appointments are forced. The doctor’s agenda is not full of gaps that the population that requests an appointment fills, but part of it is arranged consultations to see how pathologies evolve. The administrative unit uses part of these gaps to put things that are not delayed. It is something that was done before.

-No. This only happened during the first wave. There was an instruction delaying the chronic control because there really was no capacity. Now we are able to take care of patients together with the follow-up of positives and suspected cases.

–It is reinforced with the centralized covid team that each health area has. They go where it is needed and make global reinforcement in the processes that the virus entails.

-It is difficult to answer because it fluctuates by areas. Today Coria can have a good week and Merida bad, for example, because many cases have increased. An outbreak may arise in a village and overload the health center, but have the normal situation in the rest of the area.

–I understand that there are complaints. I do not dispute that some have their reason for being. They come to us and we try to manage them. The reality is that in social networks what is spilled is always the negative; but the reality is much broader. What is well cared for, what is satisfied with patients, never appears on social networks.

-That they are responsible, that time is limited. Let them think about whether they have to take an appointment that someone may really need. If a doctor sees fifteen young patients with the flu in one day, they will not have contributed anything because these are self-healing processes and they simply have to stay home.

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