.. There is an idiom I like in English called “one step at a time”.

There is an education-learning period of 4+ years ahead of him. This process, believe me, is enough time to get you into the things you are curious about. Starting from the 2nd year, you can take courses from the computer or electrical-electronics department in addition to the courses of your own department, you can do a double major, and after graduation, you can take further education in a branch of space engineering that interests you.

To learn software, to know a foreign language, to be able to master various drawing programs, to have knowledge of electrical and electronics; As it will happen to every engineer; Of course it creates surplus values ​​for you.

The question I want to ask is about the university and the city you are studying. Are you satisfied with the education of Pamukkale University? How was your life in Denizli? Did you come from a different city and find it difficult to get used to it? I read on the page of the university that students find their internship places themselves, did you have difficulty finding an internship place?

I was very satisfied and happy with Pamukkale University industrial engineering. The fact that there were few students (40-50 people per class in our term), the teachers were interested, and the compulsory projects in the courses were the advantages of the department for me. In addition, Denizli has contributed to my student life. Thanks to its wide industry, I easily made applied projects, worked part time, worked in companies in many sectors. The industry is open and helpful to students. You do not have any difficulties in internships or projects. Being in the permanent industry also allows you to see the theory in practice. It is an easy city to get used to, and the density of students is increasing day by day.

I am a 10th grade student. Until a few days ago I was thinking about electrical and electronics engineering. But then I decided to study electrical engineering. Do you think electrical engineering is clearer than electrical and electronics engineering, and in which areas can I work after studying this section?

Within the field of electrical engineering, there are power generation (dams, solar power plants, wind power plants, …), transmission (high voltage power transmission lines), distribution lines, facilities, for example.

In the field of electrical and electronic engineering, there are, for example, power generation, transmission, distribution places. In addition, within the field of electrical and electronic engineering, for example, there is a television and its hardware constituting the electronic part. For this reason, when we say only electrical engineering or only electronic engineering, we see that there is a concentration on certain subjects. In other words, there is specialization …. This specialization in the field of study and these common working areas in the departments are also present in the education in the school. Lessons are in a way to include study areas.

For example; Those who study electrical and electronic engineering take courses related to both electrical engineering and electronic engineering. Therefore, electrical and electronic engineering is completed by taking compulsory and elective courses from both fields.

Considering the place of electronic devices (computer, TV, washing machine, telephone, …) in our lives and that electricity is the only source used to operate these devices, electrical and electronic engineering or electrical engineering are always in life and they will be.

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