That is why we, not only on March 8, but every day, are thinking about where we are in the conditions and rights of our women, who can not get rid of the anger of the ungrateful, how can we stop the violence and murders. We are thinking about how to increase the employment rate, which is 39.3 percent for males and 19.3 percent for females. How can we get our 1 and a half million unemployed women back to work and life again, we are looking for remedies ”.

Sharing data on the place of women in the workforce, Akşener said, “Do not look at the speeches made and the hastily made speeches. on women’s rights and women’s employment, Turkey, unfortunately, many of these speeches, but far behind. World Economic Forum, prepared in 2017, according to the Gender Inequality Index, Turkey in 145 countries, 131 of the TCC ranks. ‘The economic participation and equality of opportunity’ indicator when viewed in 144 countries Turkey, # 128. Really a shame … the labor force in Turkey, 74.9 percent of the male population of incorporatecl who can only attend the 34.8 percent of the female population. This rate is 41.1 percent in Italy, 53 percent in Spain, 48.4 percent in South Africa, and 44.3 percent in Greece. Not finished. In our country, only 1 out of every 3 women in the workforce works. In Turkey, every 4 women, only 1 can be employed. While the employment participation rate of women is 29.5 percent in our country, this rate is 48.7 percent in EU countries ”.

“In development, men and women are like two wings of a bird. Saying that just as a bird cannot fly with a single wing, the Turkish economy cannot fly by leaving women behind ”said the leader of the IYI Party.“ So what does anyone do with a mind in the face of this reality? It mobilizes all the means it has in order to increase women’s employment and to add more women to the economy, right? Do you think our economic gurus do that? No ”he said.

“Female unemployment rate in EU countries is 7.1 percent. 5.4 percent in OECD countries. In Turkey, 15.2 percent. In other words, 3 times the OECD and 2 times the EU average. The employment rate of young women between the ages of 15-24 is only 19.3 percent. This means that only two out of every 10 young women in our country can work. While the number of women who work more than 45 hours a week increases each year, the rate of unregistered work is also increasing. While 2 million 932 thousand women work more than 45 hours per week, 1 million 9 thousand women work informally. 9 out of 10 women who are family workers, 7 out of 10 women working on their own account, 2 out of every 10 women are employed informally. This situation causes women not only to be more insecure in working life, but also to be deprived of the most basic health and retirement rights. The men in Turkey, at least 8 percent of women gaining more. This distinction has reached 14 percent among high school graduate women and men, and 30 percent among vocational high school graduates. “

“If it’s the picture in the countryside, it’s even heavier. Our women, who bear all the burden of social and traditional structures, are battered and subjected to pressure; It is squeezed between agricultural production and household services, ”he said.

“Whereas; It is women who regulate social relations, including agricultural production and kinship, in the rural countryside, that is, who maintain social balance. They are women who sell, market and manage in family businesses. It is they who are more productive and participate in production without pay. In summary, the real heroes who do not appear, even though the dominant power in the countryside seems to be men, are actually women. It is precisely for this reason that 30.2 percent of the farmers in the European Union, ie 3.2 million, are women farmers. We do not even know this number. Then we will come out and dur Stop migration in the rural countryside; they say, on the contrary, we will create immigration. In fact, the self-evident Minister of Agriculture, a true school of incompetence, tweeted that “we returned engineers, veterinarians to the village.” May God give you an idea. They still haven’t learned what a farmer means or an engineer. The main actor of migration from the rural countryside is women. If the woman goes, the family goes. If the woman goes, agricultural production goes. Lands and stables remain empty. If the woman goes, she won’t come back. “

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