From the first moment I started, my area of ​​responsibility has always been on electricity, and it still is. I stayed away from electronic issues due to my job. But be sure to know the electronic circuits in the developing and renewed world, making projects on this subject and dealing with software will take you to much better places. Software, automation, artificial intelligence, these are professions with a future, and even now the job area is quite wide.

Throughout your education life, you can clarify your field preference by making inferences from the lessons and taking the advice of teachers and graduates, but you have to give the real answer. Which job do I enjoy doing and which one do I have an interest and talent for? When you can answer this question to yourself, you are not working at the job you started, but happily working, which is a very important thing. Make sure the job is found in some way, money is earned somehow, I think the important thing is to work in the jobs you enjoy and to be able to produce something with this efficiency. As I said, even when you graduate, even if you are unsure about your field, the places you apply and your feedback shape you in a way, but it will be very beneficial for you to develop yourself in foreign language, especially in electronic circuit designs and software, and to attend external courses and receive trainings. I hope my own business adventure and advice will be useful and shed light on his path. I hope you achieve your goals successfully.

I graduated from the civil engineering department 6 months ago. The information I received at the school is not sufficient and I want to openly study a second university to fill out my CV. I have in mind occupational health and safety, property management, business management, office management and executive assistant. Actually, since I am a woman, I want to work on a project basis in the office, I do not think the construction site is for me. I will also start learning Autocad and Sta4cad. But I am indecisive about the university. Which section might be useful to me in the future and my CV at least attract attention?

In order to improve yourself, I recommend that you first define your goals clearly. Accordingly, it will be more beneficial for you to choose a second chapter you want to read. For example; If you want to take a role in a managerial position, business etc. for this. You can evaluate graduate or undergraduate, associate degree programs as you mentioned. I think that the occupational health and safety department is a very necessary department for all engineering fields. You can also head to this area. You stated that the office environment is more suitable for you because you are a woman. There are also successful female engineers in the construction site environment. And these successful women are striving to change current perceptions. Therefore, if you have prejudices on this issue, I suggest you break your prejudices with confidence.

If you want your CV to attract attention and raise awareness, I recommend that you develop yourself in foreign languages, learn the vocational programs you mentioned, and take part in programs that will provide your personal development.

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