a is also a book that can be acted upon, because it will be possible to imitate the movements of our heroes through the many difficulties. And it is a suitable book even when the diction is uncertain, because the use of onomatopoeias to imitate the sound of footsteps on the pavement is so important.

Many levels of reading: What makes a classic a truly great book is the ability to speak straight to the reader’s heart. It doesn’t matter what his age and understanding is.

Workshops and activities: The book has often been used to animate reading workshops and even at home you will be able to take inspiration to put on a good show every time the little one asks to read it.

Nice to read and look at: The watercolor illustrations also mark with a different graphic choice the many moments that the characters go through, for example the meditation pauses are in black and white in contrast to the color plates when taking the action .

Many editions: It is not easy to know in advance which of the many editions that have been made of the book will be available for purchase.

Among the best children’s books of 2021 there are also those that present themselves in the first place as very interesting objects for the very little ones. They are books that will be tasted, eaten and torn, but all this will serve the very young reader to become familiar with the object and therefore with its content.

The beauty of this little book published by Usborne, a publishing house with many beautiful titles in the catalog, is that it moves and has the shape of a baby’s finger. The cardboard pages with reliefs and tactile paths push the child to coordinate the movement of the fingers to discover how the illustrations change after his intervention.

A small miracle of causality. Almost everything the little one touches transforms as he moves: curious little animals’ eyes open, crafty insects peek out from behind a bush and friendly friends hide or reveal themselves by moving the wings. The bright colors and the flat illustrations intrigue and attract the very little ones since they are able to grab objects and bring them to the mouth.

Very stiff pages: Not the usual hardcover, but sturdy pages made of different layers that resist well the stress of the bites with the first teeth.

Colorful: Many anthropomorphic figures and all characterized by smiling faces and a reassuring appearance, although the action is set in a dense jungle full of ferocious animals.

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