The vaccination campaign continues, but without a shared timetable. Each Region does it by itself: from the call methods to the priority criteria for administration, there is no uniformity on the territory. In the meantime, deliveries continue with the dropper. We have put together a collection of stories from users struggling with booking: this is what they told us. Do you also want to tell us your experience? Fill out the questionnaire.

The vaccination campaign is proceeding slowly. And each Region does it by itself, both with respect to the way in which you book, and with respect to the priority criteria that are not always clear. To say this are the hundreds of testimonies we have collected: a photograph of the situation that highlights the confusion that reigns over the ways and times of administering vaccination to over 80s, in some Regions more than in others. Do you want to tell us how it went with the booking of the anti-covid vaccine? Fill out the questionnaire and tell us your experience.

Citizens who were able to book the appointment directly without going through the “pre-accession” portal are generally more satisfied, even if at times, especially in the first days of the campaign, they had to hang up on the phone or wait patiently for their turn online, even throughout the day. All provided that the appointment is fixed within a reasonable time, otherwise they are disappointed and bewildered.

The most widespread complaint, however, concerns the priority criteria: we have received several reports of citizens, even very old ones, who are still waiting for the call for no apparent reason, although others of the same cohort (over 80) but younger are have already been called.

The stories confirm what has already been highlighted by various experts, namely the critical role of bureaucracy, which further slows down the procedures. The lack of computerization and the medical history cards of several pages to be filled in by hand at the appointment act as a brake. Only a few wrote to us that they had received the documents to be filled in in advance.

Like Roberto (the names are fictional), who after more than a month from joining he was still waiting for a call. Or like Giacomo, who writes to us from Avellino “After 18 days of joining I have no more news and I don’t know who to turn to …”.

Rosanna from Naples, 81, found it very difficult to fill in all the fields required for registration without the help of a doctor. “I registered on the internet portal of my region on February 18th.

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